This Strategic Plan sets the course for board, committees and staff of the Minnesota Council on Foundations and our work with members and other stakeholders.


MCF inspires an ever-expanding community of grantmakers to achieve, both individually and collectively, the highest standards of purpose and action.


To strengthen and expand philanthropy.


  • Integrity: We are principled and accountable, and lead by example.
  • Respect: We create positive relationships, listen carefully and communicate clearly.
  • Inclusivity: We welcome and value diverse voices as essential to our success.
  • Excellence: We offer effective and innovative products and services.
  • Collaboration: We connect with others for maximum impact.
  • Global View: We recognize our interdependence with people and organizations around the world.

Goals and Objectives

Lead "” Set Standards for the Field

MCF fosters understanding about the field; inspires a commitment to public trust and effective practice; and promotes increased philanthropy.

  1. Build commitment among members and other Minnesota grantmakers to uphold the public trust.
  2. Foster and advocate for a positive public environment for philanthropy.
  3. Identify and promote the adoption of inclusive practices to enhance grantmaker impact and effectiveness.
  4. Elevate grantmakers' effectiveness through public policy engagement strategies and strengthened government relations.
  5. Implement initiatives to expand philanthropy in Minnesota.

Serve "” Deliver High-Quality Services

MCF, as an effective learning organization, provides valuable services, products and education for members and others in the field.

  1. Serve the increasingly diverse needs of members and other customers.
  2. Support collaboration among grantmakers and between grantmakers, government and nonprofits.
  3. Facilitate sharing and learning to build high-impact member connections.
  4. Strengthen our community of grantmakers by using up-to-date communications technology and strategies.
  5. Provide the best source of information representing Minnesota philanthropy.

Build "” Ensure Organizational Capacity

MCF is a member-led association with the capacity to achieve its mission and operate its business effectively and efficiently.

  1. Uphold exceptional governance, management, inclusive practices and strategic leadership.
  2. Be the membership association of choice for grantmaking organizations in Minnesota.
  3. Align organization resources to meet performance objectives and customer needs.
  4. Evaluate progress on STRATEGY| 2010 initiatives and conduct a new strategic planning process.