Participate in New Forms of Giving

From Toolkit for Giving: Ways to Give

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In recent years, new and innovative forms of philanthropy have emerged. Often these new forms of giving are twists on more traditional giving methods, or they can be complete departures from what most people think of as philanthropy. A few examples:

e-Giving. Some companies and charities have begun exploring creative ways to use the Internet to facilitate people's charitable giving "” sometimes called "e-giving" or "e-philanthropy." New sites are popping up daily to facilitate online donations to charity in a variety of ways. The Toolkit offers some e-giving sites and information for individual donors:

Online Donor Services

Charity Shopping Sites

Charity Auction Sites

e-Giving Tips


For-profit charitable funds. Some for-profit financial investment companies have begun offering new types of charitable gift funds.


Equity charitable investing. Some community foundations have begun exploring innovative new ways for entrepreneurs and other new business owners to leverage their equity for charitable purposes while their companies are still in a high-growth phase.

Since many of these new forms of giving are ever-changing and often untested, it is important that you consult with your professional advisor to get the most up-to-date information.