Make a Direct Gift to Charity

From Tookit for Giving: Ways to Give

Making direct gifts to charities from your current income and/or assets is a familiar route for most of us "” from writing a check for your favorite charity's annual fundraising campaign to putting coins in a collection box at the checkout counter of your local store. Direct gifts provide immediate financial support for religious organizations, educational institutions, and many other nonprofits working to meet important community needs in such areas as health care, the arts, the environment, civic improvement or human services.

Although cash and appreciated securities are the most common types of direct gifts that people make to charity, there are other options that may offer greater benefits to you and the charity (see What to Give for more information).

Next Steps

Researching Potential Beneficiaries

To find out more about a particular nonprofit before making a giving decision, or to determine which nonprofits are addressing charitable areas of particular interest to you, see Where to Give.

Workplace Giving Campaigns

Federated funds participate in annual workplace giving campaigns that raise millions of dollars for local, state and national nonprofit organizations. Workplace giving campaigns allow employees to set up an automatic deduction from their payroll check to be donated to a federated fund(s), and sometimes individual charities, of their choosing.

Consult your employer for details about the federated funds and other workplace giving options that are available at your company. You can also review a list of Workplace Giving Programs.