Make a Planned Gift to Charity

From Toolkit for Giving: Ways to Give

What is Planned Giving?

"Planned giving" is a term commonly used to describe a wide variety of giving vehicles that allow you to give to charity during your lifetime and/or after your death, while meeting your current income needs and providing for your heirs. Planned giving is typically done in conjunction with estate planning, and is a viable option for donors of all income levels.

From a donor's perspective, planned giving is attractive for many reasons. It may allow you to make larger gifts than you otherwise could out of your current assets. Depending on how a planned gift is set up, it may also let you receive a stream of income for life, earn higher investment yield, or reduce your capital gains or estate taxes. Planned gifts often appeal to people who want to benefit a charitable organization but aren't certain how much of their assets they'll need for themselves during their lifetimes.

Planned gifts can be used to benefit a specific nonprofit organization, to establish a fund at a community foundation, to create a supporting organization, or to start a private foundation.

Next Steps

For more information on planned gifts, contact the Minnesota Planned Giving Council.

MPGC is the professional association for people whose work includes developing, marketing and administering charitable planned gifts. Members include fund-raisers for nonprofit organizations and institutions as well as consultants and professional advisors working in a variety of profit settings. MPGC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and training of planned giving specialists, fund-raisers and professional advisors, and to raising public awareness of charitable giving overall and planned giving specifically.