Why Do We Give?

From Toolkit for Giving

There are as many motivations for a person's charitable giving as there are people; giving of your resources and time to help others is one of the most personal acts you can make. But while our giving stories are all unique, they likely share one or more of the following motivations:

  • To help fulfill your life's goals and passions
  • To feel a sense of value and satisfaction
  • To leave a lasting imprint on society while making a significant difference
  • To perpetuate a certain viewpoint or philosophy
  • To unite family members around a purposeful mission
  • To honor or memorialize a friend or loved one
  • To give something back to a community
  • To fulfill a responsibility or desire to be a leader in a community
  • To connect with others who share your interests and passions
  • To benefit from tax advantages
  • To express gratitude or to say "thank you"

What are YOUR reasons for giving to charity? It's an important question to consider as you develop your giving plan.