Co-Chair Letter: New Paths to Impact, MCF Family Philanthropy Symposium

Deep changes in the economy and society are demanding a renaissance of foundation creativity and ingenuity. To meet the needs of 21st century communities, Minnesota family philanthropists are eager to find new strategies to achieve greater impact.

With those overarching goals in mind, the planning committee for MCF's 2011 Family Philanthropy Symposium, New Paths to Impact, has created a not-to-be-missed event.

We invite you and other family foundation trustees, staff, family members and individual donors to join us for this unprecedented opportunity for learning, inspiration, and impact.

This year's theme reflects today's dynamic environment. You'll receive real, relevant and creative information and strategies. The agenda addresses important questions identified by you and other family foundation trustees and staff in our planning survey:

  • How do you identify a strategic giving focus that assures greater impact?
  • How can family foundations engage in systems change and "go upstream" through advocacy?
  • How can we align our efforts to work together on issues we care about?
  • How do we use all our extended families' resources in our philanthropic work?
  • How can we use our financial resources creatively and more effectively?

If you are a trustee, staff member or consultant for a family foundation, or have a donor-advised fund with a community foundation, this event will be a unique opportunity to engage with your family philanthropy peers, gain important new insights, and share your own exciting work on issues about which your family cares most. You'll leave with ideas, connections and tools that can truly deepen your impact.

Please join us and register today!

Symposium Co-chairs:

Becky Erdahl
Carolyn Foundation

Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko
Private Philanthropy Services