Member-Initiated Briefings

What Are Member-Initiated Briefings?
Through Member-Initiated Briefings MCF members can collaborate with each other to place issues important to them on MCF's program agenda. Briefings bring together grantmakers from across the MCF membership for education, networking and exchange of information. These programs can:

  • Enhance discussion of and interest in a topic,
  • Disseminate member expertise to others, and
  • Share consultant resources with others in the field, and more.

Member-Initiated Briefings are intended to be educational and present a range of viewpoints. They are not a forum to raise funds for a particular organization or cause. Like most other MCF programs, Member-Initiated Briefings have a fee to cover meeting expenses, and they are generally open to MCF members only.


What is the Role of Briefing Sponsors?
Member-Initiated Briefings must be sponsored by a minimum of three MCF member organizations who are committed to planning and attending the briefing. In general, briefing sponsors should be prepared to do the following:

  • Serve as the liaison with MCF staff.
  • Complete the Member-Initiated Briefing Proposal and submit it to MCF for discussion.
  • Work with MCF staff to:
    • Determine appropriateness of the proposed program.
    • Avoid program duplication.
    • Schedule the event to avoid conflicts with other MCF programs.
  • Read the Tips for a Successful Member-Initiated Briefing
  • Recruit panelists, speakers, resource people; communicate with them about goals of session, their roles, nature of the audience, logistics, etc.
  • Provide MCF staff with program and speaker information for MCF's print and electronic promotional vehicles.
  • Keep in touch with MCF on attendance, and help determine the need to cancel if attendance is too low.
  • At the Briefing, introduce the speakers and moderate the session.

Briefing sponsors must allow ample lead time in order to plan the event, schedule marketing announcements and other make other arrangements. Approximately 12 - 14 weeks or more is recommended so that the briefing can be included in the MCF's marketing vehicles.

Download Tips for a Successful Member-Initiated Briefing (PDF)


What is the Role of MCF?
MCF staff will provide the following assistance for Member-Initiated Briefings:

  • Help secure a meeting location.
  • Work with speakers on audio/visual needs.
  • Publish a notice on MCF's online events calendar, in the MCF Notes e-newsletter, and if given enough notice, in the print brochure MCF Messenger.
  • Take registrations, collect meeting fees, and prepare name tags and a list of attendees.  MCF can also make copies of meeting materials.
  • Work with member sponsors to confirm details and arrangements just prior to the Briefing, and to thank speakers after the Briefing.
  • Assure that the event meets MCF's quality standards for format and content.


What Does a Member-Initiated Briefing Cost?
In order to cover planning and implementation costs, MCF charges a base registration fee of $15 per person for Member-Initiated Briefings. This fee covers staff time, supplies, and light refreshments (up to $5 per person). This fee does not cover location or speaker fees. If additional costs will be incurred, co-sponsors can cover those costs directly, reimburse MCF for these expenses, or build them  into the registration fee. If the co-sponsors decide the Briefing should be free to participants, they may pay a flat $500 sponsorship fee (not including additional costs) and MCF will waive the registration fee.

MCF will list the names of the sponsoring organizations on our website and in any communications about the event, and MCF will acknowledge the co-sponsors at the event.

Interested in Co-Sponsoring a Briefing?

If you have co-sponsors and a topic you'd like to submit for a briefing, please complete the Member-Initiated Briefing Proposal and email it to Katina Mortensen. An MCF staff member will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your proposal.  If you would like to discuss your briefing ideas or would like help in identifying potential co-sponsors, please contact Katina.