Welcome to the New Website!

Glad you're here! Chances are if you've reached this page, that you're an MCF member who book marked the login to the old MCF website.

As I'm sure you've noticed already, MCF has launched a new website, and I'd like to welcome you personally to it. With this new website comes a whole host of great new features to help you work more effectively.

But before you can begin enjoying those new features, you need to be able to login!

Here's what you need to know to get access:

  • You have a new, personal login name and password that's unique to you. You can no longer login with "mcforg" and "community." 

  • You can get your user name and password by calling Kaitlin Ostlie, MCF administrative assistant, at 612.338.1989 or by e-mailing webmaster@mcf.org.

  • If you accessed this page after hours, or on the weekend, when the MCF staff is unavailable to assist you, you may also try to retrieve your personal password by selecting the "Forgot Your Password?" option from the login menu. Once on the Recover Your Password page, simply enter the e-mail address from which you typically receive MCF e-mails. If that e-mail address is in our database, your password will be sent to it.