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Fourth Generation Awards $50,000 in Mental Health Grants

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Fourth Generation, a program of The Minneapolis Foundation that brings together emerging philanthropists, has awarded $50,000 in grants to seven local organizations that provide mental health services.

Members of Fourth Generation work...

GEO Guest Post: What Will Be Philanthropy’s Next Chapter?

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Our last guest post from the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations comes from Nell Edgington of Social Velocity.

I am often asked by nonprofit leaders, “Where are the funders who understand what nonprofits really need?” Well,...

New London Ambulance Receives $3,500 Grant

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The Willmar Area Community Foundation announces that its New London-Spicer Area Fund issued a grant to the New London Ambulance in the amount of $3,500. This grant will be used to purchase an Image Trend Reporting System to increase efficiency...


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