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Blogging the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference

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MCF is pleased to be a partner for next week's Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference. We're cohosting a series of blog posts to share knowledge and insights. Here's the first post from Nell Edgington, which you can also find on...

IDEA Competition Announces Three Winners for 2016

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The IDEA Competition announced the names of three 2016 winners on Tuesday, April 26th at the IDEA awards banquet held at the Beaux Arts Ballroom, Bemidji State University.  Each winner receives $10,000 in cash to advance their business idea, plus...

Catalyst Initiative of George Family Foundation Awards $264,000+

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In its third round of seed grants, the Catalyst Initiative of the George Family Foundation continued its support of the development of mind-body healing practices in a diverse range of communities in the Twin Cities and beyond. Several foundation...

Do You Know Where Your Cash Sleeps at Night?

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By Susan Hammel, CFA, MCF Executive in Residence for Impact Investing

Lately, many family foundation members have asked me about the best way to get started in impact investing.

An easy, no-risk way to start is to park your...

Q & A with Ho Nguyen

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Ho Nguyen is a queer, first generation Vietnamese American with refugee parents. She holds a master of arts degree in public policy and leadership from the University of St. Thomas, was a 2012 Choice Leadership Institute Fellow and has a...

Numbers Count in Democracy

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The was a plummet in household income for blacks in Minnesota by 14 percent from 2013 to 2014. At the same time, the statewide poverty rate for black residents deepened from 33 to 38 percent, triple the overall state poverty rate that has held...


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