Public Policy Principles

MCF has played an active role in representing philanthropy in Minnesota and in advocating on behalf of philanthropy for over 40 years. Six basic principles drive the public policy work of MCF:

  1. Promoting effective, ethical and accountable management of charitable resources by foundations and corporate giving programs.
  2. Encouraging all people to give to charities of their choice without influence, restriction or inequitable treatment.
  3. Advocating for full participation of foundations, corporate giving programs and nonprofits in public policy dialogue and advocacy that affects their organizations, communities and the people they serve.
  4. Encouraging the growth, maintenance and vitality of foundations and corporate giving programs.
  5. Recognizing and supporting the role of foundations as stewards of resources for the public good to strengthen and improve the health and vitality of communities and citizens.
  6. Ensuring the ability of grantmakers and the Council itself to fully perform their roles as equitable employers.