Diversity as Funders

From Working Toward Diversity

Focus on Diversity Values

Family Foundation Operates from Inclusive Values

The broader mission of The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation is to follow the values and lessons of the founders. As Russian Jewish immigrants, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips knew many hardships growing up, and struggled to make ends meet in this new country. As their fortunes rose with business success, they felt a strong responsibility to share with those less fortunate than themselves. They believed that everyone deserves a chance to be successful. In their modest and gracious way, Jay and Rose Phillips were respectful and inclusive of all, guided by the Jewish values of Tzedekah (charity, righteousness and justice) and Tikkum Olam (repair the world).

Multiple communities experience historical discrimination as well as institutional barriers. Within that anti-discrimination frame, the foundation has supported proposals on a continuum of "isms." As examples, the foundation has supported the Public Policy and Racial Justice program of the YWCA of Minneapolis to engage community members in dialogues about undoing racism; Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights in its work on systematic discrimination against immigrants, refugees and asylees; Courage Center's Continuum of Care initiative to support those with disabilities; and Jewish Community Action's efforts to bring people of different faiths together to address affordable housing.

Have Diverse Advisors

Fund of the Sacred Circle Aims at Native Activism

The Headwaters Foundation for Justice and the Wisconsin Community Fund, directed by Headwaters, joined together to create a fund aimed at grassroots groups or projects that are engaged in social-change organizing with a majority Native leadership. Funding decisions for the Fund of the Sacred Circle have been made by American Indian community activists involved in social justice.

Projects funded address the root causes of social, racial, political, environmental and economic injustice in society, working for systems change and social justice. In addition to the Fund of the Sacred Circle, other Headwaters funds include: Democracy! Fund, Environmental Justice Fund and Social Change Fund.