Issues Unique to Community/Public Foundations

Fund Development

Options highlighted in bold are required by law. All other options are voluntary practices that individual organizations can choose to implement.

Community and Public Foundations Only

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Resource Development

  1. We develop broad support in the form of contributions from many separate, unrelated donors with diverse charitable interests in the community served by our organization.
  2. Contributions to the foundation represent irrevocable gifts subject to the legal and fiduciary control of the foundation's governing body.
  3. We have a long-term goal of securing resources to address the changing needs of the communities our foundation serves.
  4. We accept and administer a diversity of gift and fund types to meet the varied philanthropic objectives of donors.
  5. We have gift and fund acceptance policies.
  6. During the gift planning process, we fully disclose to the donor the role and relationships of all parties involved.
  7. Gift planners are aware of and uphold the highest ethical standards and practices as outlined in the work of the National Committee on Planned Giving.
  8. We educate ourselves, set policy and monitor fund development practices to ensure the best interests of the donors, the public and the beneficiaries of the foundation.

Stewardship and Accountability

  1. We maintain a written record of the terms and conditions of each component fund, and all records reference the variance power.

Donor Relations

  1. We inform, educate and involve donors about community issues and grantmaking opportunities.
  2. We honor the charitable intentions of our donors consistent with community needs and applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Donors are promptly acknowledged for all gifts to the foundation.
  4. An annual fund statement is provided to donors who wish to receive them.
  5. Private information about donors is kept confidential, to the fullest extent possible.