Human Resources for Grantmaking Organizations that Hire Staff

For Grantmaking Organizations that Hire Staff

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This is part of "Principles for Grantmakers & Practice Options for Philanthropic Organizations."

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This section focuses on hiring, compensation, management and training and development of staff.

Note: Corporate foundations should review this section with the understanding that they follow the company's personnel policies, practices and procedures, and thus typically have less control over this area than other types of philanthropic organizations.

Options highlighted in bold are required by law. All other options are voluntary practices that individual organizations can choose to implement.

Staff Hiring, Management and Compensation

  1. We comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding equal employment opportunities for all persons regardless of disability, race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status or sexual orientation.
  2. We comply with all federal, state and local employment laws applicable to the size of our organization or work force, such as making FICA payments, providing worker's compensation, etc.
  3. We employ staff at all levels of the organization who reflect the diversity of the communities and constituents we serve, or who demonstrate the capacity to balance and understand the diverse needs and issues of those communities and constituents.
  4. We actively seek a diverse range of candidates when selecting consultants, investment managers, legal counsel, auditing firms and other vendors (see definitions of race/diversity and inclusive practices).
  5. We ensure that any compensation we pay is reasonable and not excessive.

Staff Learning and Development

  1. We value and provide support for continuous learning and training of staff.
  2. We encourage employees to participate in regional and/or national grantmaking conferences, programs, associations or support groups for professional development and sharing of information, as appropriate and financially feasible.
  3. We foster learning about the diversity of the communities and the constituencies we serve.
  4. We provide leadership and growth opportunities for all employees in our organization.

Whistleblower Policy

  1. In order to prevent improper activities, we have adopted a whistleblower policy to encourage good-faith reporting of any suspected violation of law, policy or practice, or conduct of our board and/or staff. The policy ensures a process of action by the organization and guarantees protection of the reporting individual from retaliatory action.